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Organized Retail Industry In India – Swot Analysis


Retail Industry in India, contributing over 10 per cent to the country’s GDP and accounting for around 8 per cent of the employment, is the largest among all the industries. Over the years, it has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries.

More than 95 per cent of the Indian retail sector falls in the unorganized sector category. Organized retail is expected to grow from 5-6 per cent to 14-18 per cent of the total retail market by 2015.

Organized retail sector’s penetration level is 85 per cent in US, 80 per cent in France, 66 per cent in Japan, 20 per cent in China and, merely 5-6 per cent in India. This confirms that India is at an early stage of evolution in the organized retail space and has a huge growth potential.


Industry at a glance Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting the industry in the form of a SWOT framework


Gain insight into the industry in terms of the opportunities and threats that will augment and restrict its growth Get knowledge about the forte of the industry which will help it to ride in the lead OVERVIEW SWOT ANALYSIS 1.1Strength 1.1.1Increasing middle class 1.1.2 Technology 1.1.3 Low cost of operations 1.2 Weakness 1.2.1 Low conversion level 1.2.2 Shortage of skilled manpower 1.2.3 Lack of Industry Status 1.2.4 Supply chain 1.2.5 Policy induced barriers 1.3 Opportunities 1.3.1 Rural Retail 1.3.2 Tier II and Tier III cities 1.3.3 Specialty Retail 1.3.4 Disposable Income 1.4 Threats 1.4.1 Unorganized Retail 1.4.2 Complex taxation system 1.4.3 Macro economic factors 1.4.5 Real Estate Issues 1.4.6 Competition


Figure 1 Middle class households (mn, 2012- 2026E) Figure 2 Labor cost per person ($ p.a, Asian countries) Figure 3 City wise retail penetration (%, 2006-2011) Figure 4 Per capita income (INR, 2006-2015E) Figure 5 Lease rentals (% of sales, 2005-2010) For more information kindly visit : Organized Retail Industry In India – Swot Analysis


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Proven Low-cost Marketing Strategies When You Own A Dollar Store

One of the biggest challenges facing everyone who wishes to own a dollar store is exactly how to build store sales without going broke in the process. While there are many fairly costly options, few low-cost options seem like they would be worth the time and expense to implement. After all, what good does it do to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing if the results dont grow dollar store profits beyond the costs involved? Well there are some proven ultra-low cost marketing options that do get results. If youd like to know more, then read on. In this article I present 5 proven low-cost marketing strategies when you own a dollar store.

Strategy #1 Join a local business group. If you own a dollar store youll discover networking with other local business owners and managers can provide rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Sure it takes time to attend meetings and you must be willing to mingle and get to know others, but the results can be remarkable. Join only one group to start. As you become familiar with that groups participants you might add another business group to the mix.

Strategy #2 Establish a marketing exchange with local businesses. Get out there and meet your neighboring business owners. Once again a little time is required. However as you introduce yourself and exchange business cards youll soon meet others who also desire to build their businesses. Work out an exchange where each business helps the other by providing flyers or other promotional materials. Youll gain new shoppers, sales and dollar store profits.

Strategy #3 Turn you employees into sign-holders during slow times. One of the biggest challenges for those who own a dollar store is staffing at the right levels. Why not add a marketing activity so employees can help you build sales and dollar store profits during slow times? Have an inexpensive sign made for your business and let an employee hold that sign so it can be seen by passing traffic. Youll quickly have a store filled with first-time shoppers. Be sure to check local ordinances to make sure this can be done in your locality before you start.

Strategy #4 Establish discount programs for near-by churches. This idea costs little more than time unless the churches choose to take advantage of the discount offer. For churches with food closets and other aid for those in-need, now is a time for most when theres huge demand and fewer contributions. Churches will likely be looking for grocery items and everyday consumables first. Imagine the traffic when your generosity is announced during a service.

Strategy #5 Add upcoming sale inserts into t-shirt bags used to package all sales. Save your advertising dollars by publicizing upcoming events on inserts you place in bags customers receive with their purchases. While some advertising and promotion is still advisable, this strategy can reduce your total cost and will still generate the traffic, sales and dollar store profits you seek when you own a dollar store.

To your dollar store success!

Q84 Books 1, 2 and 3 by Haruki Murakami

A publishing event which will capture the attention of the trade and of the reading public Huge sales in HS and Vintage for both his recent books and across the whole backlist Murakami fans will love this novel but 1Q84 is also a thrilling introduction to his world for those not already familiar with it The first printing in Japan sold out on the first day of sale. It sold over a million copies in its first month after publication. Murakami’s books are published in 45 territories, in 42 languages ‘Critics have variously likened him to Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler, Arthur C. Clarke, Don DeLillo, Philip K. Dick, Bret Easton Ellis and Thomas Pynchon a roster so ill assorted as to suggest Murakami is in fact an original’ New York Times

About the Book: 1Q84: Books 1, 2 and 13

The year is 1984. Aomame sits in a taxi on the expressway in Tokyo.

Her work is not the kind which can be discussed in public but she is in a hurry to carry out an assignment and, with the traffic at a standstill, the driver proposes a solution. She agrees, but as a result of her actions starts to feel increasingly detached from the real world. She has been on a topsecret mission, and her next job will lead her to encounter the apparently superhuman founder of a religious cult.

Meanwhile, Tengo is leading a nondescript life but wishes to become a writer. He inadvertently becomes involved in a strange affair surrounding a literary prize to which a mysterious seventeenyearold girl has submitted her remarkable first novel. It seems to be based on her own experiences and moves readers in unusual ways. Can her story really be true?

Aomame and Tengo’s stories influence one another, at times by accident and at times intentionally, as the two come closer and closer to intertwining. As 1Q84 accelerates towards its conclusion, both are pursued by persons and forces they do not know and cannot understand. As they begin to decipher more about the strange world into which they have slipped, so they sense their destinies converging. What they cannot know is whether they will find one another before they are themselves found.

1Q84 is a magnificent and fullyimagined work of fictiona thriller, a lovestory and a mindbending ode to George Orwell’s Nineteen EightyFour. It is a world from which the reader emerges stunned and altered.

Praise for Other Titles by this Author

After Dark: ‘For sheer love of a thumping narrative, the novel delivers gloriously Inventive, alluring’ David Mitchell, Guardian After Dark: ‘A magnificently bewildering achievement Brilliantly conceived, bold in its surreal scope, sexy and driven by a snappy plot Exuberant storytelling’ Independent on Sunday Dance Dance Dance: ‘A remarkable writer…he captures the common ache of the contemporary heart and head.’ Jay McInerney Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: ‘Murakami’s fictional world is extraordinary.’ Sunday Times

Phone Sales Phone Scripts For Insurance Agents

Opener With Receptionist:
Hello, I’m calling to speak with the person that handles the Workers

Compensation and Liability Insurance renewals that are coming up in the next

couple of months.
Decision Maker / Influencer Picks Up The Call:
Hi this is __________ with example Insurance Corporate Offices. I represent

many of Farmers Insurance top agents in California that specialize in your

line of business. I’m calling today in regards to your renewal dates that are

coming up in the next couple of months for your Workers Compensation and

Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto and Health Benefits. The reason I’m

calling in regards to your renewals is example has lowered rates for Workers

Compensation for your class codes by 35% based on your annual premiums

effective 1-1-09. Over the last few years Farmers has lowered rates by 60%,

as well as Farmers Underwriting is giving some great schedule discounts in

some cases for some qualified business up to 50%. Your business has been

determined to fit the criteria that example Insurance is looking for to help

lower your cost of insurance both hard and soft cost because of the class

codes you have, and the ex-mod history you have. We have been able to save 20%

-30% in some cases for business likes yours over many carriers that write

your class codes in California.
I’d like to schedule a 15-20 minute meeting with you and our Top Commercial

Insurance Specialist in your area to provide a presentation of our programs,

new rates and the discounts and credits we will give you based on your great

ex-mod and schedules.
I need to ask you a few questions to provide to our Agent. I need your # of

employees, verify your current carriers and renewal dates for everything.

Remember to verify address. Closing questions is if we can provide a better

solution are you willing to switch carriers and your broker?

For more information on selling please visit

for your Commercial business insurance marketing

Check Up Perusahaan Analisa Kesenjangan Identifikasi Masalah Analisa Masalah

Dalam menghadapi persaingan dunia usaha yang makin ketat, setiap perusahaan baik yang bergerak dalam bidang manufaktur ataupun jasa/service selalu dituntut untuk tetap mampu memberikan produk akhir yang memuaskan konsumennya.
Salah satu cara yang ditempuh manajemen adalah dengan mengurangi biaya investasi, operasi produksi tanpa mengurangi mutu produk akhir yang diterapkan melalui strategi manajemen.

Strategi yang dijalankan secara tepat akan meningkatkan daya saing dari produk akhir terutama di dalam menghadapi kenaikan harga, biaya di semua lini operasi produksi sehingga produk akhir akan kompetitif tanpa adanya ketergantungan terhadap kepada pihak luar yang dapat mengganggu kelancaran operasi bagi perusahaan yang menerapkannya.

Apakah perusahaan Anda sudah mempunyai strategi yang tepat guna dalam mencapai tujuan yang diharapkan perusahaan Anda.
Ataukah Anda merasa tidak ada perubahan yang signifikan terhadap perusahaan Anda.
Apakah di Perusahaan Anda mengalami turn over karyawan yang cukup tinggi
Apakah Anda bermasalah dengan loyalitas dan kinerja Karyawan Anda?
Apakah perusahaan Anda ingin mengetahui keadaan keuangan perusahaan Anda saat ini?
Kami SIEN Consultants menawarkan keahlian dalam Identifikasi / Analisa Bisnis | Check Up Perusahaan | Analisa kesenjangan | Identifikasi Masalah / Analisa Masalah perusahaan Anda dan memberikan solusi untuk perbaikan yang berkesinambungan di perusahaan Anda.
Metode yang kami tawarkan adalah Gap Analysis / Gap Analisis yakni
Melakukan analisa terhadap proses on-site untuk mencari kesenjangan proses diperusahaan,
Menganalisa keefektifan strategi perusahaan yang sudah berjalan
Mengidentifikasi penyebab permasalahan yang terjadi di perusahaan Anda mulai dari hulu sampai hilir dari proses business perusahaan Anda.

Kami yakin mampu membantu perusahaan Anda dalam memberikan solusi untuk mencapai perbaikan yang berkesinambungan karena SIEN Consultants didukung oleh 13 Consultant terbaik yang sudah menjadi praktisi di berbagai perusahaan / industri / organisasi dalam memberikan konsultasi kepada perusahaan / industri / organisasi dalam mencapai perbaikan yang berkesinambungan.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi kami di 021-32403909 atau email ke [emailprotected]

Distinguishing Characteristics Of A Good Sales Letter

It’s actually simpler and easier to make a good sales letter than most people think. And to make one, all you need is patience and the willingness to learn.

Distinguishing Characteristics of a Good Sales Letter

A Good Sales Letter has an Attention-Grabbing Headline.
The headline is often the basis of most readers’ first impression of a sales letter, and you know how first impressions last, don’t you? If they don’t like what your headline says or worse, if they’re absolutely uninterested in what your headline is broadcasting then they’ll not only dump your sales letter on the bin but they’ll also indicate any forthcoming mail from you as SPAM.

An effective headline is short but direct to the point. It tells readers not only what they can expect from the rest of the sales letter but also how they can benefit it.

A Good Sales Letter is Always about the Reader.
A good sales letter always acknowledges the fact that the business owes everything to its customers. It doesn’t ramble on about how great its profit margins are but humbly admits that it owes its success to its loyal customers.

And when selling something, a good sales letter always focus on what the reader would get from the product. If you’re selling roses, for instance, you don’t waste too much time waxing poetry about how beautiful roses are but you focus more on how customers would benefit with having flowers at home, rose baths, aromatherapy from roses and so forth.

A Good Sales Letter is Rarely More than One Page Long.
Everyone is living on borrowed time, and more and more people are becoming aware of this. If you’ve got a really great offer to make, that’s goodbut it wouldn’t make people change their minds about what they deem appropriate or inappropriate to allocate their time for. And more often than not, sales letters are filed under the not more than one page category. Anything longer than that and readers might feel too lazy to continue reading.

And while we’re on the subject of writing guidelines, make sure that your sales letter also consists of a number of short paragraphs instead of a few but long paragraphs. Unless you’re writing something incredibly shocking or titillating, it’s highly probable that only a few people would have the patience and interest to forge on.

A Good Sales Letter has an Attention-Grabbing Postscript.
No, it doesn’t mean that you have to deliberately forget to include something in the body of your sales letter but a postscript can be used to reiterate or emphasize one of the main points of your sales letter.

Case studies have shown that people often read the headlines and postscripts of letters first then use it as basis for deciding whether or not to continue reading the rest of the letter. Take advantage of this by making sure you’ve got something interesting to say in your postscript. It can be a repeated invitation or a declaration about the promo period and the need to act NOW.

A Good Sales Letter Doesn’t Take No for an Answer.
All sales letters end with a strong call for action, or simply put, strong words of encouragement to purchase the product or service on offer. But a good sales letter also considers the chance that the customer may be interested but not yet fully prepared to buy. In this case, he also includes a very persuasively worded invitation to call in order to know more about what’s offer. He clinches the deal by offering an incentive if the customer simply asks for additional information.

A good sales letter doesn’t take no for an answer but it does so nicely.

A Good Sales Letter is Also Visually Attractive.
A customer would feel more inclined to read a sales letter if it looks pretty to the eye no matter if great style and graphics have nothing to do with content. Consider this: if you have two books talking about the same topic, which would you choose the one with ugly or beautiful cover and text?

A Good Sales Letter is a Product of Extensive Tests.
When you’ve proofread your sales letter for the last time, don’t press the SEND button just yet. Test it first with sample readers. If they like it, great! But if they don’t then take careful note of what they’re saying and revise.

China Jewelry E-commerce Is A Booming Business Now

Forecast of the industry in general, the jewelry spend sum of Chinese and Indian market is expected to catch up to U.S.A market by 2015. China will become the worlds biggest and the great developing potential of jewelry consumer market.But, China jewelry industry is still not mature, the whole industrial concentration is very low, in general, a huge market demand but a mess supply chains, and market split phenomenon is obvious. Outlook 2011, how the China jewelry industry movements? In this regard, the industry has said that jewelry enterprises will hasten to expand network sale market, the next 3 to 5 years, the share of network of sales will accounted for 20% of China jewelry industry; the e-commerce of China jewelry industry will appear and develop rapidly.

Statistics of Gemmological Association of China show that, China has become the world’s second largest jewelry consumer market, but the construction of social faith system needs a process, formation of the habit to buy jewelry online still takes some time.That makes the share of network of sales just accounted for less than 5%, it has great room for growth. The industry is expected, jewelry marketing will enhance greatly in 2011, and network of sales is expected to 21.7 billion, and will grow 155% on year. The next 3 to 5 years, the share of network of sales will accounted for 20% of China Jewelry industry.

The sale share of jewelry e-commerce is increasing these years, however, some jewelry e-commerce enterprises are struggling to survive. The gross profit of the industry leader, like Diamond Bird, Devine, the Nine, looks not good in recent years. There are not many jewelry e- commerce enterprises can highlight oneself value, more than that are making price war, just to be another new channel of commodity circulation. An industry Mr. Huang said that malicious competition of price caused online stores had started to die constantly during 2008 and 2010.Concerned expert expresses jewelry e-commerce industry represents a new way of the global jewelry industry, there will be many China jewelry e-commerce enterprises get rid of the burden of operating loss, begin to realize gain in 2011. In the year of expect to usher in a new stage of development, China e-commerce will may be appear a blockbuster development.

Tips For Sales Course Evaluation And Analysis

Sales course evaluation and analysis requires evaluating your sales development team and the sales training courses you are considering. Every investment must be researched and that includes an investment in training and development for your sales staff.

Sales training courses, or even one powerful sales course, can increase sales, motivate your staff, reduce staff turnover, and build your company’s credentials. A powerful sales course is one that fills and replenishes the express needs of the sales team and exceeds company objectives with the highest efficiency rate. The efficiency rate can not be determined without evaluating the return on investment the sales course will provide in the future; however, by thoroughly evaluating your sales team, your company and the sales training courses offered you will be able to find the sales course or sales training courses that will meet your goals.

No sales course or sales training courses should be committed to without determining the need for training. Even if the HR department is suggesting company training for no other reason than to satisfy company policy, a thorough determination of the training needs should first be determined. To accurately and narrowly define the training needs of your sales force, and to be able to select the sales courses and sales training courses for your sales team, you must systematically evaluate every task, process and policy. By drawing logical inferences from questioning and cross-examining, you will be able to narrowly define your sales training need and select the sales courses and sales training courses that meet your objective.

Once you clearly define the needs for the sales development staff, you should then examine your sales course choices based on the subject, the trainer, the company providing the courses, the content, the sales staff and your company.

The subject must clearly coincide with your accurately defined need. Review the subject matter of the sales course and sales training courses for engaging, problem-solving, concise and usable material and motivational delivery methods. The trainer and the sales course provider should have the credentials to train. In many cases, the higher the credentials the better the training but this is not true in all cases. Personality and method can drive effective training just as it drives sales.

The sales course or sales training courses you choose should clearly match the culture of your company. If you run a tight organization that adheres to strict standards, you would not want to invest in a course that expounds on the virtues of flexibility and freedom. This will backlash. Likewise, if your company is very flexible and focuses on individual creativity and ability, a sales training course in strict time management might stifle the creativity of your team (even if they need it).

Sales course evaluation and analysis of sales training courses will save your company from investing in ineffective training. Without sales course evaluation, your company might show a spike in motivation and sales, however it will quickly fall and taper as the refreshing beverage wears down. Sales course evaluation and analysis of sales training courses will turn the short spike into a solid step upwards. Each carefully evaluated sales course will be one more solid step up. And up is where you want your sales to be.

Overstock Clothes – Seven Reasons To Buy Them

When it comes to clothing, Overstock may not be the first place that comes to mind, but there is actually not a better place on the internet to find rock bottom prices on the worlds top clothing designers. This handy guide lists the top reasons to buy Overstock clothes along with some additional advice on how to find additional deals that other members rarely discover.

1) One of the Biggest Selections Around

Sure, there are plenty of specialty shops around the web that may have a great clearance sale on a particular item every now and then, but hundreds of thousands of Overstock clothes are available at unbeatable prices everyday. No matter what type of style or brand names defines your wardrobe, Overstock has a massive selection for you to choose from.

2) Expert Shoppers Find The Best Deals

Imagine having a job where you spend the entire day spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on articles of clothing that are worth millions within retail stores. This is exactly what employees at Overstock do on behalf of their customers, and because they have such a tremendous buying power they are able to secure deals those others stores can only dream of. While other discount stores generally have mismatched leftovers, Overstock clothes are top of the line items that are available in the top department stores throughout the world.

3) Unbeatable Pricing

Overstock clothes are often purchased for 30-80% off of the retail price, which means they can offer a slight markup and still offer a tremendous savings. Their philosophy when it comes to pricing is simple; only offer products that are a significant value so consumers can have confidence in the purchase. Not only does this lead to great prices, but it also allows for Overstock to turn over their inventory very quickly so the selections are constantly changing and up to date.

4) Club O

Overstock clothes are always a great bargain, but Club O brings savings to an entire different level. By purchasing an annual membership for $19.95, all Overstock purchases are shipped to consumers completely free. Thats merely the beginning though, because Club O members also receive a 5% cash back savings on every single purchase. There are also exclusive sales organized for members that give first choice on new or discounted items, so this membership often pays for itself during the first few transactions.

5) The Ultimate Search Engine

Regardless of what youre looking for, finding Overstock clothes has never been easier. After entering the clothing section, consumers will find a number of search options that will display customized results that make finding the perfect outfit a very streamlined process. Look at clothing by designer, style, price, material, or almost any other category you can think of; the power to shop smart is literally placed within your fingertips.

6) The Clearance Section

When a website purchases millions of articles of clothing per month, there are always excess items left over that have to be moved out quickly. On any given day there may be thousands of items priced to sell immediately at 50-80% off of retail, and this is a great way to find Overstock clothes at unbelievable prices. Check often though because these deals disappear quickly!

7) Overstock Coupons

Its definitely not easy to remain the worlds most popular website when it comes to shopping, so has plenty of online friends out there to educate shoppers on additional ways to save money. MoneyJibe is one of their leading partners to help you save money, and they have pages where you can find coupons for Overstock clothes and just about anything else on the Overstock website. For exclusive savings everyday check out their Overstock Clothes page for mens clothing, womens clothing, accessories, children’s apparel, handbags, luggage, men’s sport apparel and shoes. Each month, and often several times per month, provides special Overstock coupons to save money with free shipping, reduced shipping, dollar off, percentage discounts or other special promotions.

Creating A Food Budget Has Many Advantages

By creating a food budget, you can organize yourself in such a way that you will be able to “stretch your money” and still have enough to eat “great”. Dawna Pacini, who has 2 school-age children and is on a fixed income, has learned through experience that by using this excellent method of creating a food budget, she manages to feed her family very well but frugally.

Dawna tells us that there are three reasons why a person should be creating a food budget:

A. It saves you time. How? When planning meals ahead, you must identify exactly what you want to buy at the store. As a result,when you get to the store, you don’t need to go from aisle to aisle searching for what might be a good idea to buy; instead, you can go straight to the aisles where you will find what you want in search of ingredients and meal ideas.

B. The second reason for creating a food budget is that it helps you stay organized. You will no longer find yourself staring into the fridge/freezer at five o’clock and wonder what you should cook because you failed to plan ahead.

C. And most importantly, creating a food budget can help you save money. Dawna explains that when you are organized and buy only what you need, you will stay within budget and save money normally spent on unnecessary purchases. Also you will waste less food because you buy exactly what you need; therefore, you are saving money.

According to Dawna, creating a food budget,(an excellent way to stay organized, save time, and trim your family budget), involves following these three easy steps:

1. Choosing a time period to budget for. That is, you must take a look at what you spend on groceries in a day, a week, bi-weekly, or monthly and then find the average amount you spend on food. Use that average to decide what your budget goal will be.

2.The second step is to plan your meals for the time period you choose: a day, a week, a month, or longer.

3. The third step to creating a food budget is to create a grocery list. Identify all the ingredients you’ll need to create the meals and snacks you have on your menu plan, and stick to your list when shopping.

4. Once you have done all three steps, shop at stores such as No Frills and Price Chopper where you can buy more food with your budgeted money.

In addition, anyone who is creating a food budget should also use the following tools to save your money even more:

i) Using flyers can be a great tool because you can match your list of ingredients to whichever stores have the wanted items on sale that week and shop there to save money.

ii) Editing your menu to include ingredients that are on sale will save you money. For example, sometimes, Dawna will substitute canned tomatoes for fresh tomatoes if they happen to be on sale.

iii) Buying in bulk can be a great tool only if utilized properly. Just remember: A deal is only a deal if you actually need it. So buy in bulk only if it is to your advantage.

iv) Using coupons can make it possible for you to get free, or close to free, items. For example, Dawna once had a coupon for $1.00 off egg beaters and then they went on sale at one of the grocery stores for $1.00. Because she had ten coupons, she bought two for her family and donated the other eight to the local women’s shelter to help them out.

The great thing about coupons is that finding coupons is so much simpler than it used to be. Coupons can be found in flyers, magazines, and on the Internet. You simply search “Canadian Coupons” (or the name of your country and the word coupons) on Google, and you will find a whole realm of new coupon sources ranging from print your own to entire databases created by users and even companies who will mail coupons to your home for free.

So if you want to eat well and at the same time save money, you have only to follow these guidelines and use these tools. Then you can discover first hand just how well creating a food budget can help you stay organized in such a way that it can be of great advantage to your family and you.