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Amir Liberman Innovation Transforming Security

Amir Liberman is a person who was destined to greater
heights, one could tell this right from his early. The things he was
able to accomplish at a very tender age showed that he would achieve
great things in the world of innovation. When he was in his early
schooling day he was able to accomplish what his counterparts would not
even dream of, he developed a computer program. He was also very good in
numbers, something that greatly contributed to his choice of a career
as a mathematician.

What would climax his innovation ambitions was the
formation of Nemesysco Limited, a company which is famed for its
development of security solution which has transformed the field. Amir
Liberman came up with a layered voice technology a great improvement
from the tools which are used in lie detection.

The main
difference between the layered voice analysis technology based devices
and the traditional tools which were used in conducting a polygraph is
that the machine heavily relies on human voice to detect emotions.
Therefore chances of capturing the temperament, anxiety, anger among
other emotions are high. The person who is being subjected to the device
only needs to use a device equivalent to a mobile speaker and have the
voice recorded. This can be done either online or offline depending on
the situation. If the device is being used to conduct investigation,
using it online is recommended, since the interrogator will be in a
position to take more action based on the responses that are given. If
the person is providing false information, then one can take the
necessary action to direct the process in the direction which will force
the suspect to give the right information.

Amir Liberman intention while developing this Nemesysco tool was to
ensure that the security situation in his country and the world at large
has been improved. The event that prompted him to think of something
that will help in addressing some of the security issues facing the
world was a terror attack into which he was a victim. He was deeply
disturbed by the event and the subsequent death of two young women. He
vowed to do something to ensure that the situation was improved and no
more people would suffer out such an event. His tool was geared towards
improving security situation in his country. It has worked wonders as
the companies and government agencies have used it to address security
issues .It has been used to conduct investigations which are aimed at
detection and prevention of crime.

The Elevation Group Investigation The Truth About Mike Dillard Scam

The elevation group has been hitting the newbies hard with their wealth system. The elevation group scam was not aware that many would fight this new plaque that has hit the internet to scam newbies out of their money by promising yet another wealth system.

One of the most basic principles in spending your money is to perform due diligence. Due diligence is the foundation for investments such as buying a house, a car or even an internet marketing product. Investing your money wisely with an expectation of a return is a requirement to succeed.

Therefore, if you see an opportunity, whether it is a house, a stock, or an internet marketing product that claims to make you money, you must do your proper due diligence.

Due diligence will include a full investigation of all aspects associated with the product, and then using your own intuition combined with the facts of finding, you will be making an informed choice on whether to proceed with your investment.

The Elevation, Inc was formed in September 2009, and incorporated in Nevada by Michael N Dillard in November 2010, Michael N Dillard filed an article of corporation with the State of Texas as a Foreign corporation. The name of the corporation in Texas is The Elevation Group, Inc with the assumed name of The Elevation, Inc. The registered agent of the corporation is Michael N Dillard, and the sole director listed is Michael N Dillard.

Additional contact for The Elevation Group is listed as a PO Box owned by Vested Wisely, LLC which is a corporation owned by Kip Herriage. CEO and co-founder of Wealth Masters International, LTD. Wealth Masters International was founded in 2005 by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey.

Kipp Herriage is founder and Editor of a newsletter, Vertical Research Advisory, LLC, a newsletter started in 2006 and appears to now be defunct as last publication is listed in March 2009. Kip Herriage is also author of a book “Crash Proof, Becoming Wealthy in the Age of Risk”. Herriage received a BBA , Business, Marketing, Finance from Sam Houston State University, 1981 ? 1985.

Herriage claims to have worked for TWO of the largest U.S. investment firms for over 15 years As Vice President, Financial Planner, and Money Manager, In two separate interviews Herriage has claimed to work for ONE of the largest U.S investment firms for over 15 years, while in his blog he states “For over 15 years I was a Financial Advisor and Vice President of Investments for two of the most respected firms on Wall Street. He never actually reveals what 1 or 2 firms he worked for.

His 15 years place him from 1984 to 1999 when he said he left the corporate world. Meaning he worked for Wall Street while he was still in College in Texas (long commute, I know)

Karl Bessey, President of Wealth Masters International is from Utah and a former coal miner for 22 years. Wealth Masters International sells ‘wealth creation’ products intended to help people invest in stocks, commodities and securities. Membership in the company ranges from $295 up to $19,995. The premise behind Wealth Masters International is a MLM scheme in which customers can derive up to $1000 commission for signing on a downline customer for the $9,995 package.

The actual product of WMI appears to be MLM based where the wealth creation is actually from signing on new customers and not actually promoting any physical products other than a couple DVDs, newsletter and conference calls (webinars) with financial experts.

According to The Wealth Masters International website, WMI claims to be one of the world?s fastest growing financial education and consulting firms, with 35,000 members and operations in over 140 countries. Kip is also the Publisher of Vertical Research Advisory Investment Newsletter (VRA), a top-ranked financial publication (this fact is unverified). His uncanny predictions, including the remarkable recent rise of gold and the failure of the U.S. economy have earned Herriage the nickname “The Nostradamus of Finance.” (apparently only by Wealth Master International as sources in the Financial sector never heard of him).

Wealth Masters International was also the primary product and source behind another company formed with the help of Mike Dillard, Carbon Copy Pro. Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson formed Carbon Copy Pro in 2004. According to the Wealth Masters International review, Carbon Copy Pro was created by founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson with the help of Mike Dillard as a solution for struggling network marketers who needed an automated and high converting system to build a profitable business online.

Carbon Copy pro business premise was to build thousands of websites with the primary business of selling memberships as in a direct selling or MLM business model. Mike Dillard Quotes on his website: The Carbon Copy Pro master plan is hinged on the distribution of as many sites as feasible to sell the products of WealthMasters world so that instead of only 1 site promoting a single product, there will be thousands of sites promoting the product.

It has recently been announced by Wealth Masters International, that they are totally and completely severing all ties with Carbon Copy Pro, as of Friday 12/10/2010. (just prior to the launching of The Elevation Group).

These two organizations have been together for years, with WMI being the main product offering by Carbon Copy Pro for the people there making all the big bucks. WMI made the announcement to sever ties with Carbon Copy Pro several days ago, The Carbon Copy Pro has not made any mention of this on their site.

It appears from this research that Mike Dillard is merely repackaging rehashed information that he has sold for the last several years. Carbon Copy Pro sells a product called Black Box, the same product Mike Dillard claims will teach you to make money. Ironically, both products have the same ‘sales pitch’ information.

Wealth Masters International was the backend and primary product to Carbon Copy Pro for years and is now associated and partnered with Mike Dillard on The Elevation Group. The rehashed premise behind WMI is that they will show you how to make money in the recessive economy, and protect you from eminent failure of world economies.

It should also be noted that Neither Mike Dillard, Kip Herriage or their respective companies are listed with The Secretary of State in Texas under Title 7, which requires any person giving financial advice for compensation to register with the State.

Although both company sites claim they do not provide investment advice or financial planning, they use terms such as investment, financial success, and their newsletter offers to show you how to invest, yet they claim to be financial educators.

The bottom line is simply, Mike Dillard’s The Elevation Group is a rehash of Mike Dillard’s Carbon Copy Pro promoting selling memberships to Wealth Masters International and rehashing the WMI financial theories on the economic markets.

It is my opinion they are avoiding openness to avoid scrutiny of what is really behind their product and premise. Mike Dillard is not showing you how to make money or secure your financial future, he is selling you a rehashed and reworked plan from Wealth Masters International that is old hat advice from the early 2000’s

You do not have to be taken in by the mike dillard scam – You can make money and earn extra income online for free. No website needed and no programs to join or mlm companies to promote. This forum offers a great deal of step by step plans, 100% ad free forum, free blogs to use, free CMS to post articles, free Warrior Special Offers section and more. All dedicated to helping you actually build a business.

Types Of Marketing Channels And Their Importance

Sales channel management and even channel partner management – these terms are continually being thrown around presently. This post describes these aspects with the in-depth review of business distribution and moreover the fundamentals of channels.

What is a Channel?

To realize a channel it’s good to 1st understand the idea of company distribution. Product distribution (business distribution) is an important element of product marketing, along with other essential elements just like prices, item design and moreover promotion.

If any product is for consumption or even use by a consumer, everybody involved in the product development and moreover advertising ought to take help of distribution channels. Logistics & Supply chain management is difficult without syndication of the products – whether it is from one business to another, from factory to supplier, supplier to retailer and moreover at some point retailer to consumer.

All of these intermediaries goes down the product till it actually gets to the end-user. This method of syndication is well-known as a channel or distribution chain. The needs and moreover needs of these channels are an crucial consideration for any business. Alternative channels are also available like supplier, advertisement, dealer or direct distribution.

Forms of Marketing Channels

3 main sorts of marketing channels exist: Intensive distribution, Selective distribution and moreover Exclusive distribution. Rigorous distribution is when the resellers stock the given product with comfort products – all manufacturer leaders in consumer goods do this. Selective distribution is a much more standard pattern, in which selected resellers stock the product yet they can at the same time keep competitor products in their outlet. Exclusive distribution is when only authorized dealers are authorized to sell a given merchandise. After a enterprise selects the channel type they can proceed with making further strategies. With best suited monitoring and control over channels, Sales channel management and moreover channel partner management, all these channels may be used in the best possible way to get more sales profits and so better results overall.

Sales Channel Management

Sales channel management may substantial have an effect on your organization as it is very important to sales and marketing. Channel management is the procedure where by any business creates formalized selling and also servicing plans for customers within a particular channel. An successful channel management program have to include certain objectives, well characterized policies, product details and moreover sales & marketing programs which match the channels needs. It is advisable to express a channel management strategy for each part. This would assure brand consistency and moreover long term achievements.

Channel Partner Management

It is very important for fantastic sales organizations to have a successful sales process plus partner strategy. Channel partner management can help with your sales organization in many different ways to get quick outcomes, win business and furthermore provide visibility as well as advancement. Channel partner management elevates the effectiveness of your channel relationships and even heightens commitment from companions. It at the same time assists to recognize your organization from your competitors. Through Channel partner management it is easy to achieve long term goals and so cut down overall cost of sales. Additionally you can get a maximized return on your investment and moreover develop partner loyalty.

Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series of three function sets

Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches Cisco 3560X Cisco 3560X support Cisco borderless network experience Cisco borderless network architecture provides new work space experience, let the user safe, reliable, transparent from anywhere, using any device, any person connected to any resource. Cisco borderless network architecture can be deal with major IT and business challenges, it makes the interaction with employees and customers more closely, thereby creating a borderless experience true. Only the use of specifically designed to meet the global workspace requires intelligent network element of design, can make no boundary experience a dream come true. Cisco Network Access is the main component of the architecture, supports a variety of borderless network services, such as mobility, security, MediaNet, EnergyWise and easy operation etc., so as to improve the production efficiency and operating efficiency. Network access once intelligent, it will know the identity of the user, where the user is located network. It knows what kind of device is connected to the network, thereby automatically allocate network, to ensure that the QoS and delivery. It also has the service awareness, so as to optimize the user experience. Only through the intelligent network access, security, enterprise can transparently realize network without borders. Enterprises can save energy, simplify the operation, improve business efficiency, and optimize the total cost of ownership. Sustainability Cisco Catalyst switching solutions through measuring power efficiency, integrated service and continuous innovation (such as Cisco EnergyWise, through a custom policy monitoring and save the enterprise energy solutions), so as to achieve more practical application of environmental protection. Cisco EnergyWise technology and Cisco Catalyst switch combination, reduce greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions, energy cost savings and improved business continuity. EnergyWise technology, is an added to the fixed configuration switches in the architecture of innovation, and promote the sustainable development of the whole company and reduce the energy consumption of the entire firm through infrastructure. At the same time, the combination of the two will also affect the global greenhouse gas above the world infrastructure construction emissions of 50%, far higher than 2% of the greenhouse gases generated by the IT industry. Cisco EnergyWise enables power consumption measurement network infrastructure and network attached devices, and through specific strategies to manage power consumption, thereby reducing power consumption, save the cost, at the same time, the potential impact of all electrical equipment. The operation of the switch is efficient, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches can be run in the best energy-saving, low power state, in order to achieve industry-leading power management and power capacity. The port has a power saving mode, no port can enter a low power state. In addition, StackPower allows customers to add an extra power in any switch stack, can provide redundant power for any member in the stack, or add more power in the shared pool. Intelligent Ethernet power management, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series PoE models support Cisco IP phone and Cisco Aironet WLAN AP (each port can provide up to 30W of power) and any compatible with the IEEE 802.3af terminal equipment. Easy to operate Cisco Catalyst intelligent operation, is a set of functions, can be used to simplify the LAN deployment, configuration and troubleshooting. In addition to adaptive, never continuous technology (such as StackWise and StackPower), Cisco Catalyst intelligent operation support zero contact switch fast installation and replacement, upgrade, and simplify the troubleshooting, and reduce the operation cost. Easy to deploy and control function, EEM is a powerful and flexible features, support real-time event detection and onboard automated. The use of EEM, the user can according to their business needs, adjust the network device acts; while the IP service level agreement (SLA) allows customers to ensure the application of key new IP business, and the use of IP network data, audio and video IP service. In addition, the intelligent multicast using Cisco StackWise Plus technology allows the C3750-X series by each data packet only put back again, can provide multicast data more streams (such as video) to provide efficiency and support better; at the same time, the network time protocol (NTP) to provide accurate, consistent time stamp for all Intranet switch……. Network management tools advanced, intelligent, Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches provide excellent CLI to carry on the detailed configuration, and Cisco network assistant software according to the preset template rapid configuration. In addition, they also support Cisco Works LAN Management Solution (LMS) function, can carry on the network range management. No border security Cisco C3750-X and 3560-X series switches provide second threat defense function is outstanding, can reduce human interception attack (such as MAC, IP and ARP spoofing). TrustSec is the main element without border security architecture, can help the enterprise to the customer through the integrity and confidentiality of the strategy of access control, identity and role perception based on extensive network, to protect the network, data and resources safety. Threat defense, can actively protect the network infrastructure is important. Cisco integrated security features provide a powerful, easy-to-use tool, which can effectively prevent the most common and may have second layers of security threats destructive, so as to provide security and robust across a network. Cisco integrated safety features include port security, DHCP listens, dynamic ARP detection and IP source protection. Cisco TrustSec, protection of network access, the implementation of security policy, and provides the solving scheme based on the standard of security (such as 802.1X), so as to realize the coordination and security policy compliance. WS-C3560X-24T-L WS-C3560X-24T-L

Good Things To Know About Steel Buildings

The last years have brought an enormous growth in the use of steel as a construction material. The steel buildings are increasingly enchanting the skylines of countries all over the world, even if they have been used in the commercial and industrial sectors for a long time.

People started using metals in constructions in the early 1700s. They used iron columns within walls. Soon, iron beams and columns became a common feature in large industrial buildings over the years. The expenses and the impact the use of wood had on the environment have been among the facts to contribute to the rising popularity of steel. It has become an integral part of bridges, pipelines and even skyscrapers. The limits are only set by the imagination of the people in the constructions business.

There are many advantages the steel buildings may provide. They are usually constructed much faster than buildings using other materials. The costs of using steel are usually lower compared to traditional building methods. They are lighter weight; they are easier to maintain. Not to speak about the fact that they carry a reduced risk of fire. Furthermore, steel is highly recyclable, which makes it an especially cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to any other construction material. Above all, strength is a major plus for steel. Steel structures can withstand unfavorable weather conditions such as hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. They are also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting, so the durability increases too.

There are numerous benefits from using steel buildings. The most important one is the lower insurance costs, as the risk of fire is lower. This benefit is being closely followed by the lower assembly and labor costs and decreased material costs due to prefabricated designing. Modern technologies have also influenced the growth of the steel building systems industry since it can be used for better design and fabrication.

It is a commonly known thing that the framed homes are still slightly more expensive than traditional wood buildings. The savings from the fact that they are more energy-efficient and reduced maintenance make them a good option to look at. Moreover, they can be given a conventional look by covering them with traditional building materials like bricks. This will most certainly provide your home with a very elegant touch. So, feel free and experience new things for a change!

Is Ambit Energy MLM A Scam

Ambit Energy is an energy service provider which utilizes the MLM model to extend its business opportunities to all folks in the USA, established by Jere W. Thompson Jr. and Chris Chamless as co-founders. In the mid 1990’s, both executives of Ambit energy already established an immense background in telecommunications during the times of deregulation. Mainly based in Dallas Texas, Ambit energy already provides energy services in Illinois, Texas, and New York, all 3 deregulated states of America. Additionally, this company was created as soon when 18 states in the USA adopted energy deregulation.

Ambit Energy is a certified legal and legitimate company that really pays its distributors as per compensation plan. In addition to this, even one of of the world’s most progressive company, the Shell Oil, has become a partner of Ambit Energy. Customers and distributors of Ambit Energy are treated very well by the company by providing them satisfaction through help and support for them to attain their dreams of financial independence.

With the company’s compensation plans and bonuses, you really stand the great chance of making a lot of monthly income by taking Ambit Energy as a home business. You can save money on your own energy consumption and make sales with your expanding energy network business by being an associate of Ambit Energy with the position of Independent Consultant.

When we talk about having lots of income in any MLM business just like Ambit Energy, it is really not that kind of easy task to do, but, it is just a simple concept. Why do most of the network marketers failed in their own business? It is simply because they don’t have any idea of what they are doing. In order to become the top marketer among the rest in Ambit Energy business, you need to learn how to market. It only means that you must brand you as a leader and give more value to yourself. It will not be necessary for you to seek your clients if you brand yourself as a leader. They will just come rushing into you automatically.

It is also necessary for you to have a system that can generate high quality leads for you through the use of the internet. Then, you will see that potential costumers and business partners will be drawn into your business with less efforts. As a result, you will see your business in Ambit Energy explode, leading you to become the top earning Independent Consultant or associate.

Do Successful Innovations Help Overcome Competition

Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.
When exploited properly it will improve business survivability and lead
to increased profits. At a time when, to survive, companies strive to
take up the challenge of competitive and sustainable innovation, few
succeed because of generally accepted ideas that are deeply ingrained in
the thinking of the top executives. However, those who successfully
overcome conventional wisdom manage to transform innovation into a
competitive advantage and engage the entire organization in a
long-lasting and profitable dynamic.

Google has been one such organization that applies
innovation effectively. Google ensures that their philosophy of
Innovation stays robust, by giving their engineers time to discover and
explore their ideas. They have developed a very flat organizational
structure to cultivate innovation and aren’t afraid to take calculated
risks. In Google, all employees have easy access to face-time with
senior management to present their ideas. All the engineering staff at
Google is encouraged to spend 20% of their time working on projects they
feel strongly about. That philosophy has generated services such as
“Google News,” “Google Suggest,” “adSense for Content” (online ads
triggered by the content on the page) and “Orkut,” a powerful
social-networking site. Know more on innovation management software.

may not always connect to a technological breakthrough but is often a
combination of possibilities. Good ideas are everywhere, but it’s a long
road and a tremendous amount of effort in making an idea – the right
idea – a market success. Many Ideas that originate from employees
provide an unlimited source of competitive edge and value for companies
and are leveraged as incremental improvements and strategic innovations.
According to Peter F Drucker, “The enterprise that does not innovate
inevitably ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as
the present…the decline will be fast.” There are no quick fixes and no
easy answers for succeeding at innovation. Know more on managing

is clearly the most important factor in business success, according to
business and technology leaders. Fifty-three percent of them cited it as
having the biggest impact on competitiveness. Companies like Apple and
Microsoft are all successful companies because of innovations. With an
effective idea management platform, various feedback mechanisms can help
encourage idea generation and introduce a right idea, at the right
time, in the right market. For a business to overcome competition and
grow and develop rapidly, it is highly imperative to innovate rapidly
and incessantly.

How Much Do Senior Portraits Cost

If theres one question nearly everyone asks this is it. How much do senior portraits cost? The trite, sarcastic answer would be, If you really like pictures and youre going to miss your son or daughter like crazy when they go off to college, senior portrait are cheap. If you never take pictures yourself and you for-see your child living in your basement until theyre 35; senior portraits are outrageous. Truly, a great deal does depend on your point of view.

Most studios will charge a session fee. Some have just one flat fee and others, like our studio, have three different sessions that differ basically by length of time. The session fee covers kind of the photographers time to take the pictures and process the images for you to view. Quite honestly our session fees dont come close to covering the time it takes to photograph a senior, process the images, do some initial retouching and prepare the first view images for the client to see.

Many studios view the session fee more as a guarantee youll show up. Dont get me wrong, I know YOU wouldnt blow someone off but think about it; if theres no up-front session fee to guarantee your spot in the studios calendar, if you had nothing invested and the day of your session came and it was beautiful and sunny and all your friends were going to Valley Fair where would you want to be? Riding the Wild Thing or stuck in a dark studio listening to a 52 year old guy with a beer gut tell bad jokes? If theres money on the line Mom and Dad are going to be sure you show up – with bells on.

Studios session fees in southern Minnesota range from a low of probably fifty bucks to a high of $300 or more. Our studio charges $100, $150 and $200 for respectively, a one hour, an hour and a half and a two hour session. But hardly anyone pays full price for the session.

Studios often run session sales early in the year to start the business flowing. At d. holmes meir studios we have our big 12 hour sale in May and if you book your session for sometime in June youll save 75% on the session fee. In July you save 50% and August nets you a 25% savings. Youll probably find similar sales at most other studios in the area.

With respect to the portraits themselves it will vary a great deal on the number of friends and relatives youll want to gift with your images. At some studios youll spend less than $300 while at others youll invest $1000 or more. Its important to remember that like anything, all portraits and all photographers are not created equal. If youre not a fan of surprises you will want to do research and ask lots of questions as to what is and isnt included in a studios portrait pricing.

Chances are most studios will offer both package as well as a-la-carte pricing options. Packages are almost always cheaper often so much so you may be better off from a money standpoint – to buy more pictures in a package than you really need. No one likes waste but better to waste a little paper than a lot of money.

The most important question you need to ask are whether or not the final images will be retouched and to see examples of retouched images. Many people in this day and age just assume all photographers retouch their portraits nothing could be further from the truth. So look closely at the sample images on a photographers website which one would assume is their best work. If the skin tones are icky, if there are obvious blemishes and imperfections is it reasonable to assume your portraits would be any different?

Why Salary Administration Software Is Important In Business

In any business whether big or small, one of the vital functions you have in business is managing the human resources. Among such issues, you would certainly combat the human resource functions in managing the salary or payroll. The payroll or salary departments can be called as the backbone of any business whether it is big or small. These departments are smart enough in carrying out the business operations smoothly. The traditional payroll systems, which is often manual is really time consuming and hectic job. Any business organization with limited people can manage a manual payroll procedures but it is very much time consuming jobs and frustrating to run the payroll shop with the mismatches puzzle of different spreadsheets, which simply gets complicated as you see your business growing.

The need of a software solution for salary administration

The process of salary management is generally an error prone activity. If business organizations have limited amount of employees, it could seem relatively simpler to calculate salaries, taxes, outstanding amounts, etc, but as you keep on adding employees in any smaller organization, you end up spending more time on the payroll thing. The errors are inevitable, which are found in the full and final settlement and thus boost up when employees join the company in the middle of any term as the procedure goes manual. Hence, at the end, the businesses would find that without having the best system, your business would not grow as much as fast as planned.

Salary administration software program a blessing in disguise

So, with a salary administration software solution, you can empower the HR dept of both smaller and bigger size businesses in terms of complete operational efficiency. It simply helps in calculating the salaries including the statutory computations such as ESE, PF, reimbursements as per the norms, managing the employees muster details and the communications in terms of leaves and loans, etc. The second benefit to implements these software program is that these make working out the tax obligations very much simpler. Calculating the income tax is the other routine and can be called as a pain-staking job, which has to go as per the government norms and regulations. Any good software program can really help you in automating this task with greater amount of accuracy and efficiency.

The software solutions for higher efficiency

For a small or big business enterprise, the investment in software program meant to automate processes is critical in respect to benefits and cost. This is the reason, why it is vital to choose the right solution, which is not only simple to use, custom made to certain specific business situations, robust and scalable with a number of tools for producing software programs but also meet the needs and requirements of your expanding business. Most importantly, it must be able to streamline the entire process of payroll by making it less time consuming and flawless.